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Optifine is a mod for game Minecraft that significantly increases graphics and adds options for improving game performance. It was created by sp614x. One of most popular Minecraft mods. This designed to enhance performance, graphics of game. Is designed to decrease lag and loading times. Compatible with both Minecraft PC, Forge for Minecraft PC. Is a mod which allows HD textures, increased FPS on HD capable video cards. These FPS increases usually result in smoother gameplay performance, especially when playing graphically intensive games like Minecraft.


Was designed to improve graphical quality of Minecraft (according to data from and other gaming portals), which was lacking in the original game. This mod has options for smooth lighting, fog control, a number of different graphical effects. One of first things you will notice about Optifine download is that it will give you a brighter and more vibrant color palette. Mod will make game much more detailed and will make it easier to find resources. Is a mod that allows HD textures.


Gameplay of Minecraft is unchanged by presence of install Optifine mod. Mod does not add new content to the game, but gives the player option to control a number of graphics-related settings. Mod will make it much easier to find resources and will give you a much more vivid and realistic experience. Minecraft's graphics are better in game, texture quality is increased.


Multiplayer aspect of game will be more stable through download Optifine. Minecraft's multiplayer has been improved by the mod. Not many improvements, but they make difference in multiplayer. It improves performance download Optifine laptop of Minecraft and gives players a better, smoother experience.


Mod will make the game more enjoyable will make game seem more like reality. There are not many improvements, but they make a difference in the multiplayer. There are not many improvements in multiplayer, but they make a difference in Multiplayer. Is not 100% full features, but improves performance of Minecraft, gives players a better, smoother experience.


  • What are requirements for Optifine?
    Minecraft needs to be updated to latest version and Optifine install needs to be downloaded and installed.
  • What are key features?
    Optifine offers smoother gameplay, faster loading times, better FPS.
  • What does FPS stand for?
    FPS stands for Frames per Second.
  • What is difference between Fast, Fancy graphics?
    Fancy graphics have higher quality textures, however they may be slower on older computers.
  • My settings are not saving. What should I do?
    If settings are not saving after exiting Minecraft, try to change texture pack.
  • How do I install Optifine?
    Download Optifine Mac, install it.
  • How do I turn free on or off?
    You can turn download Optifine for Windows on or off by pressing F3 on your keyboard.
  • When I start game with Optifine app download installed, why doesn't it work?
    Check that your version of Minecraft is up to date.


Mod is a must-have for every minecraft player. This mod has numerous useful features for example realistic lighting, better FPS and brightness, but it doesn't change gameplay.

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